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Broyden Bros. Pictures presents their first full length feature film : THE ADVENTURES OF JAKE’S FARM by Isaac B. and Jesse B. of Broyden Bros. Pictures. “It took me 19 months to complete this movie from start to finish”. Isaac B.

Dove Family Approved – Suitable For All Ages – 5 Doves

“This is a terrific movie about kids playing well together, kids who love each other and love God.Jake is a young boy who has his ninth birthday and a lot of the movie focuses on his father teaching him about life, such as Christmas being about Christ, and his father tells him about God being the meaning to life. So it features a wonderful theme of his father teaching him. It concludes with a grown-up Jake sharing with his own children what his father taught him.
We are pleased to award this movie our Dove Seal for all ages. Visit Jake’s Farm soon. You will be glad you did”.
– Dove Review Board –

***ChristianCinema.com Review of : The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm Here

Trailer :

Jake’s Farm Testimonials :

Dear Isaac, Thanks for the DVD of your new release. I really enjoyed watching it. You have a beautiful family and a beautiful part of the world to photograph. Keep up the good work! “For I know the plans I have toward you, says the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope”. Jeremiah 29:11

Isn’t it amazing that so many talented and gifted people in Hollywood do not recognize that their gifts come from the Lord of Glory? It’s wonderful to see the ways your family have become such a strong witness to the truth.

Dean Jones
Herbie The Love Bug

Dear Isaac, Keep up the good work. We’ll pray for you. I showed Jake’s Farm to my grand kids. Thank you again for your kindness in sending this production to us. May the Lord bless and encourage you in future productions.

Edwin Newby
The Berean Call

Dear Isaac, Thank you for sending me the DVD that you wrote, produced, directed and just about everything else. I appreciate it.

WOW. To say that God has gifted you, and the rest of your family, would be an understatement. Your work was stellar. From the clarity of the photography at the very first with the tire swing and the tree, I was amazed. You have a genuine gift. Thank you for using that gift for the Lord.

And thank your Mom and Dad and siblings. You are a member of quite a family. God has been good to you and I thank Him for you all.

Don’t quit. You already understand the medium well and I’m expecting to see more things from your creative mind.

Every blessing. Thanks again for sharing the DVD with me.

By His Grace,
Woodrow Kroll
President and Senior Bible Teacher
Back To The Bible

Dear Isaac, We acknowledge receipt of the DVD, titled “Jake’s Farm”, which you sent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Jordana Culter
Deputy to the Senior Advisor to the prime Minister

Dear Isaac, Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sharing a DVD of your film with John MacArthur. He is not in the office right now so I took the liberty of watching your DVD before passing it on to him. It’s an ambitious project, well executed. You are clearly a talented artist. I gave it to John and he asked me to send you a note of thanks on his behalf.

He was especially grateful for your kind words of encouragement. Stay faithful. Be steadfast and unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord; you know that your labour in Him is not in vain (1 Cor. 15:58).

Sincerely In Christ,
Phil Johnson
Executive Director
Grace To You

Hi Isaac, Thanks for sending the video. Sorry it took awhile for me to get to it, but it was worth it. You kids are blessed to grow up where you are, and with each other. I’m impressed with your movie-making skills. Your setups, editing, lighting—everything worked so well. I especially liked your treatment of the nature scenes, and your choice of music throughout.

It seems sure to me that the Lord will use you in some way as you go through life, simply because that’s what you desire. If it is through film-making, you have a head start. Just be willing to go where He leads, even if it isn’t where you think you want to be at the moment.I saw Courageous, and it was well done. Your dad’s stunt skills were evident in his direction. Please say “Hi” to him and to your mom. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, but if the Lord is willing, perhaps we’ll get together again someday, along with you and your siblings.

In Jesus’ love,
Al Dager
Media Spotlight

Dear Isaac, On behalf of the Prime Minister of Canada, thank you for sending our office your first feature film, The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm. We would like to extend to you our best wishes as you begin a career as a filmmaker. Through hard work, we are sure you will reach your dreams and ambitions.Once again, thank you for taking the time to write.

Salpie Stepanian
Assistant to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Dear Isaac, First of all I would like to thank you for sending your recent film on the DVD to me. I watched it with my wife and two boys, who are a little younger than you. It was fun and yet very powerful.

At first I couldn’t believe you have produced it, until I saw some behind the scenes footage, and pictures. WOW….God has blessed you with an amazing talent, and also parents who have blessed you with their knowledge and encouragements.

I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see your new films in near future. I liked the angles you captured, the simple yet captivating story, and the message.

Please send my greeting to your family, specially your dad.

We love you and have always been thankful for your support of Hovsepian Ministries.

Keep up the good work.
Joseph Hovsepian
Hovsepian Ministries

Isaac : Greetings in the name of Jesus, our Blessed Hope!

Thanks so much for sharing your first feature film with me. It was a remarkable production for a 13 year old. You certainly have great potential to develop into a producer and director of great Christian films, and I hope you will stick with that vision. I really liked your cinematography. The framing was great, the camera angles were imaginative, and the nature scenes were fabulous.

And I enjoyed getting better acquainted with your wonderful Christian family. You are so blessed to have such dedicated Christian parents, as well as siblings who are committed to the Lord Jesus.

May the Lord richly bless your film making efforts.

Yours in Jesus,
David Reagan
LambLion Ministries

Hi Isaac, what a great film about your family and farm . One of the most special things about you movie was showing people how much we need God in our lives and family’s as your dad said he will never forsake us. I will be in Edmonton next week so if you do not mind I would like to give your movie to a movie director that had one of his movies aired at the Canes Movie Festival last year . I feel he would really enjoy your movie and he could give you some good feed back.A great job.

May Gods blessings go with you
Mark Meaney=

Isaac, We got your movie and will try to check it out here in the near future. Have a lot going on each day. OK? I want to encourage you to keep following the LORD.

Take care,
Rich Christiano
Christiano Film Group

Dear Isaac, Thank you for sending a copy of your movie to John Ankerberg. I will pass it on to him. May the Lord bless and encourage you in your service to Him.

In His Service,
Cathy Simms
Assistant to Executive Staff
The John Ankerberg Show

Dear Isaac, Thank you so much for sending us your movie, we watched it yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was good to see how you guys live and put faces to your brothers and sisters, after hearing so much about you all from Jimmy. We also enjoyed seeing Silverstar again and reliving our adventures on the rubber tubes and ice skating. You obviously have a great talent for movie making and we look forward to hearing more about your movies in the future. I have given the video to my daughter Samantha to watch. Thanks again Isaac and keep in touch.

Kind regards
Belle and Brett

Dear Issac : While on a trip overseas I took your disk and was able to watch the movie you made and I want you to know that I thought it was very well done with a very good testimony.I am sure the Lord will use it for His glory which is the most important thing.

Yours for the salvation of Israel,
Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum

Hey! Hi, just wanted to send a quick note to, first of all, thank you so much for inviting us to your premier showing of “Jake’s Farm” and, second, to give you a bit of feedback on my impression of the movie: A very intimate glimpse into the joyous world of the Broyden family, Jake’s Farm will warm your heart with its homey theme and Christian messages and leave you wanting more. The harmonious interplay of all of the family members (and occasional friend or two) can’t help but make you appreciate what it means to be a tight-knit family living in a rural setting. Beautifully and masterfully shot in and around the Armstrong area of the British Columbia Interior, Jake’s Farm exemplifies all that is good about living far from the maddening crowds. You can hear your own heart sing with joy as the camera pans around the hills and skies of Jake’s Farm. The pace of the movie is good, mini-movies inside the main feature help to keep the plot interesting and create an air of mystery and suspense. The small sub-plots are always tied together with an appropriate Christian message, giving thanks to that Greater Power which grants us all the blessings to be alive in this world. The patriarch himself (Jimmy) is truly an inspiration as he bears his testimony of Jesus Christ and his unbounded love for his family and God. Good on you Sir!

I realize this sounds like some kind of movie review – that was my intention (not really sure why, just kinda happened). I like to pretend that I’m a wordsmith sometimes *wink*. They are my own words by the way – feel free to use them as you wish! Jimmy – I really feel the wonderful catharsis this movie must represent for you (on a somewhat unconscious level I suppose), to hear your appreciation of your blessings was really wonderful and brought tears to my eyes until they ran down my cheeks. You truly are blessed.

Thanks and have a great and wonderful Christmas – all the very best in 2012!

Bob & Company

PRECIOUS – Directed by Emma Broyden – I was The Director Of Photography

A New film by Isaac ‘Eyes’ B. of Broyden Bros. Pictures
and Jordan Watts of 5 Stone Pictures

Behind The Scenes of A True Reward

A Special Project For A Little Boy :
Ray Hansen surprised my little brother Jesse (10) with his first mini bike last Sunday May 20, 2012. I hid in the back of Ray’s truck and got the footage as it unfolded.

Interview/Article by Zacuto with Isaac Broyden of Broyden Bros. Pictures – Dec. 2010 at…
Zacuto Featured Filmmaker Isaac Broyden
Thank you Zacuto and Merry Christmas…

I use the Z-Finder Pro and Target Shooter from Zacuto to make my movies.

Mr. Steve Weiss Owner of Zacuto in Chicago gave me the Target Shooter as a gift for my 13th birthday in 2010 to encourage me and help me grow in my filmmaking. He and Mr. Eric Kessler also gave me a Kessler Pocket Dolly in 2011. Thank you so much Mr. Weiss and Mr. Kessler. KesslerCranes & Zacuto
Thank you to Mr. Eric Kessler of Kessler Cranes who gave me a Kessler Pocket Dolly as a gift. As soon as I received it in the mail I made this video as a thank you to Eric and Steve Weiss.
www.kesslercrane.com KesslerCranes

Courageous – In theaters across Canada on Sept. 30, 2011 – Me and Dad were in this movie and Dad was the Stunt Coordinator

Opening Scene : Look for Dad’s feet dragging on the asphalt from the Ford while Stunt Doubling Ken Bevel and Dad also Stunt Doubles for TC Stallings and drives the same Ford into a big ole Albany, Georgia oak tree, in the same scene


TORONTO, ON, CANADA – July 27, 2011. Sherwood Pictures’ movie, COURAGEOUS.COURAGEOUS is the fourth release of Sherwood Pictures, the moviemaking ministry of Sherwood Church in Albany, Georgia. Their first release sinceFIREPROOF, the No. 1 independent film in 2008, COURAGEOUS joins FACING THE GIANTS and FLYWHEEL in touching and impacting lives through heartfelt stories of faith and hope.

“The movie is about fatherhood and the title is one word: COURAGEOUS,” says Director and Actor Alex Kendrick, briefly outlining the plot. “Four fathers who are all in law enforcement—who protect and serve together—go through a terrible tragedy,” he said. “They begin looking at their role as fathers . . . and they begin challenging one another to fulfill God’s intention for fathers.”

That single-word title, Pastor Catt said, echoes God’s call for men to “rise with courage” in their homes and as leaders.

On September 30th, 2011 there will be a limited theatrical release in theatres across Canada.

To learn more, visit:

COURAGEOUS CourageoustheMovie.com
COURAGEOUS Pressroom (photos)CourageoustheMovie.com/pressroom
Sherwood Pictures SherwoodPictures.com
Provident Films ProvidentFilms.org
For press inquires, contact Melinda Estabrooks at the Courageous Canada office: mestabrooks@tricordmedia.ca (1.855.856.6868)

The Bully

“Loved the films, talented kids”.
Peter Kent – Arnold Schwarzzenegger’s Stunt Double of 14 years

“The Bully is priceless”.
“I watched another Broyden Bros. Film with 12 takes of a boy tripping and tumbling into a ravine, The Shack…The acorns definitely fall near that tree. And fun to see your mom in many of the films. What a sport.”

Nancy Lovell
Lovell-Fairchild Communications

“LOVED “The Bully”!
Tell your son it has everything… drama, conflict, empathy for the character, a FIGHT SCENE, and THE GOSPEL!!! LOVE it!”

Pastor Myles Holmes

“I was very touched by “The Adventures Of Jake’s Farm” and how it was your whole famly pitching in to praise the Lord and that’s why I prayed and the Lord gave me this idea…I have a message to Issac and Jesse about a movie idea I came up with this morning that’s called “The Bench” that would star Issac, Jesse, Kezzia, or [Emma] and Me.”
Jordan Watts (12)
Filmmaker with Isaac on ‘A Day At The Park & Hardy Boys’

To see more films go to Our Youtube account : Broyden Bros. Pictures

Dads’ Website: Jimmy Broyden