Wings As Eagles :
2nd Place Award at The Kamloops Film Competition

White As Snow : 9th Place Award of 27 entries
A little boy disobeys his mom but experiences repentance and a surprising addition to the Kingdom of God.

Troubled :
A visit from a good friend leads to inner searching and conflict and challenges him to look at himself and what he really believes. The situation is resolved as he reads the Gospel Of John and realizes that Jesus can forgive him of his sins and that he can have a personal relationship with Him.

Hockey :
This is Jesse’s (9) entry and it is a documentary about hockey.

The Bully

Silver Star/Airporter – Me and Dad made this

The Boy And The Templar3 min. film – 13th Place of 65 entrees in the 36-hr Film Contest

Director – James Casson : Musical Score – Daniel Casson
Actors – Isaac Broyden & Jimmy Broyden

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